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Technology news

May 4th
Roofers will invariably run into issues during their working careers, including one which some new roofers may know very little to nothing about: Satellite dishes.
May 2nd
As is our long-standing tradition, we compiled a list of products introduced in the past 12 months for our Editor’s Choice awards.
March 21st
Michael and Kevin Kornahrens grew up around roofing and had a first-hand look at how their father grew Advanced Roofing.

Industry News

May 26th
To commemorate the 10th anniversary of the NACIA Awards, the copper, architectural and construction industries, and the general public selected 10 top projects from the last decade.
May 25th
IKO Cambridge Cool Colors Collection now offers five diverse ‘cool roof’ color choices for contractors and homeowners alike.
May 24th
Powering up Lockheed Martin’s new 145,379-square-foot solar carport in east Orlando, lead contractor Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) joined the global security and aerospace company in marking completion of one of Florida’s largest privately…