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Technology news

August 22nd
Social media has connected the world rapidly and with vastly accessible and affordable means.
August 12th
The roofing contracting market is hot, but high volume can create sloppy practices that can haunt you when the market slows.
August 7th
Roofing contractors are beginning to see the potential for improved training and maximized sales opportunities by incorporating VR.

Industry News

August 22nd
Walmart has filed a lawsuit against Tesla, claiming the company's solar panels caused fires at seven different stores due to "years of gross negligence."
August 22nd
ABC Supply Co. has announced the opening of its 22nd location in New York with its newest branch in Auburn. Gabe Montello will manage the new branch.
August 22nd
3 IN 1 ROOF announced it has developed a solar roof system that is not only eight times lighter than traditional tile, but can withstand Category 5 winds and has a Class-A fire rating.