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Most standing seam roof systems on the market
today are adoptions of 1970 technology. 

The Market has changed substantially 
in the last 40 years. 

The PanelCraft roof system was developed in response to these changes and provides a manufacturer and economical solution to the higher wind loads and longer spans the industry now demands.

BRS's PanelCraft roof system designed for the 21st century consisting of:

One Panel profile with two seams.

1. Seam with higher wind and water performance than double lock panels on the market
2. Seam providing high velocity wind performance without the use of S5 or any other external clamps 

Economically accommodating higher wind uplift requirements of zoned loads. 

ASCE 7 divides the roof into three zones of uplift load zones.jpg

• Zone I amounts to about 80%

• Zone II represents about 15%

• Zone III are about 5%





Consider the benefits of substituting PanelCraft as an alternate.

By Offering PanelCraft as an alternate to other pan panel systems You will have the advantage of providing the highest performance system of any on the market and be in a position to offer it at a lower cost than other systems

 Some of the High Performance credentials are:

• Florida High Velocity and Broward/Dade County ratings higher than other systems
• Highest FM classifications with shorter spans using 24 gauge panels
• Higher ASTM E 1592 loads than others in the industry even those using seam clamps
• Superior weather tightness due to the TripleLok and QuadLok seam configurations

One Panel - Two Seams

The PanelCraft panel is one panel profile that can be installed using one or more of two seams.



Seam 1 - TripleLok™

The TripleLok seam is accomplished with an electric seamer making a single pass at 30 feet per minute. The seamer can seam in both directions (up slope then down slope).



The TripleLok seam is essentially a Double Lock seam rotated 90 degrees, thus reducing prying forces that the double lock seam would receive during uplift loads.


Because of the additional forming, the TripleLok resists separation from the clip much longer than the Double Lock Seam.



Seam 2 - QuadLok™

The QuadLok seam is accomplished with an electric seamer making two passes along the seam by semaing up the slope then down the slope over the same seam.

The QuadLok seam is the TripleLok seam rotated down 90 Degrees to further reinforce the seam resistance to unfurling under load.




Compare PanelCraft ASTM E 1592 Loads with other SSR systems
(without seam clamps) 

Seam 1 - TripleLok compared to Battenlok HS & Superlok Systems

Span PanelCraft
Brand M
Batenlok HS
Brand B
2'-0" 127.18 113 126.4


61.5 52.5 54.4

To obtain uplift loads equal to PanelCraft, other manufacturers will have to reduce spans as shown below.

Brand M Brand B
2'-0" 113 126.4


52.5 54.4

Seam 2 - QuadLok compared to Battenlok HS & Superlok Systems

Span PanelCraft
Brand M
Batenlok HS
Brand B
2'-0" 194.7 135 126.9


78.8 61.1 54.4

Note: Loads are shown with a safety factor of 1.7


Compare Sealant of Double Lock to QuadLok Seam
Sealant seal isolated by seam configuration during uplift forces 


Compare PanelCraft TripleLok Air and Water Infiltration with other SSR systems
ASTM E 1680-95 

Static Pressure
Difference (PSF) 
Air Leakage Rate
Brand M
Air Leakage Rate
6.24 0.0018 0.019


Not Tested Not Tested
30.0 0.042 Not Tested
40.0 0.0046 Not Tested