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Superior Roofing Design Advantages Using SST Clip Flexibility

Posted by: admin at 11:19 am on March 13th, 2019

Owners, architects, designers and governing building code entities are requiring metal standing seam roofing systems to evolve and become more design flexible. As a Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) license holder, the flexibility to meet these numerous design and code requirements are a matter of selecting the proper roof system clip and related accessories for the desired outcome.
An ongoing pursuit for Building Research Systems, Inc (BRS) is the task of maintaining our licensee’s leadership role in the standing seam roofing community. This quest has inspired BRS to continue to seek ways to improve and move industry innovational bench marks higher. The recent diaphragm testing which many license holders participated in revealed an opportunity to improve all our UL90 fixed clips using SST technological innovations. The original UL90 approved fixed clip designs have reached their retirement milestone. So, now it’s time for a complete SST based fixed clip make-over. These new redesigned parts will only add more to clip selection flexibility with additional standoff clip heights in both Superior Seam Technology ™ (SST) Panel Craft 216/218 and TS324 standing seam roofing systems profiles.
All SST licensees have a large clip arsenal to meet the ever-changing roofing design specialty requirements.  With a total number of thirty (30) different clip options, all license holders have a major competitive edge compared to most competitors with typically four (4) selections - if that many.  The impressive number of SST roof system clip options for each profile that can be utilized for the trapezoidal TS324 is twenty (20) and the vertical rib Panel Craft 216/218 has ten (10) different offerings. This superior roof design clip selection flexibility allows SST licensees the opportunity to meet the evolving design community or governing codes by simply utilizing the appropriate clip type and ancillary accessories.
For example, if a design need is for higher wind loads then select a BA wind clip with its patented long tab length of 8”, 12” or 16” to meet the most stringent wind uplift loads when used in conjunction with the SST patented High Capacity Rake/eave plates. These innovative parts are third party tested and help to meet the upcoming ASCE 7 corner/edge zone requirement for standing seam metal roofing loads. If a specified higher “R” value or lower “U” value insulation requirement is needed, then utilize one of three different height standoff clips. The standoff clips are excellent for metal over existing through fastened metal retrofit situations which also provides an opportunity to add insulation value to an existing structure to meet newer “green design” code requirements. The numerous heights available in the patented High Capacity Rake plates that features up to 7” of thermal expansion travel works tandemly to provide longevity, weather-ability and performance to any retrofitted standing seam roofing project.
Superior roof design requirements require flexibility in clip selection and Superior Seam Technology™ licensees hold the clip advantage to attain more projects over any competitors-large or small.