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SST Education Installer Training Experience

Posted by: admin at 8:48 am on March 7th, 2018

In September 2017, BRS announced the creation of a fee based Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) training program that is available to all licensees, their clients and /or erectors. BRS is not being compensated for this fee based educational training program. This educational training experience is designed to educate all attendees on the proper installation methods and/or techniques to assure the industry leading standing seam systems perform in place as they were designed. The three-day educational experience training is led by one of the most respected leading trainers, educators and practical real-world inspectors - Stephen J Shearer, PE with LMK Building Designs Inc- Arlington, Tennessee. These events are an innovative way to educate licensee field services and sales team members on the benefits as well as the correct way to install the BRS superior standing seam roofing systems. This licensee educational program can also be utilized to provide certified installer training to qualified erectors when project weather-tightness warranties are required. This type of training event usually requires qualified individual installers, subcontractors and erectors to pay a schedule set fee for the educational training experience as alluded to in the September 2017 announcement.

In January 2018, BRS licensee Mueller, Inc elected to offer this educational training experience to their Field Service Team members utilizing the multi talents of the presenter - Stephen J Shearer. The two-day educational event featured lectures, presentations, Q&A sessions and practical hands on field mock up installation techniques. The entire experience was professionally filmed by Mueller, Inc to construct an internal vertical training program tool for their entire field service and sales groups. “I would recommend this educational seminar to all manufacturers for all their field and sales personnel. It provides their team members a greater understanding of the superior performance aspects of the industry leading standing seam products they are selling and servicing.  The success of this educational training experience provided even more value to the standing seam products being offered by Mueller, Inc to our customers.” –Art Brown Head of Field Services with Mueller, Inc   

Educating the erector/installer is the key to provide properly trained individuals in the field to assure the industry’s leading standing seam roof system performance, longevity and weather-ability is not negatively compromised. This educational training experience is effective for all licensee personnel and offers the opportunity to provide greater understanding and communication to their customers. Start your solid foundation for customer and employee understanding the Superior Seam Technology that makes the BRS standing seam roof systems the industry leader. 

To arrange or schedule your next training or your first educational SST roofing system school for your staff, clients or installers, please contact Stephen Shearer direct.

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