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SST by BRS Trim Design Updates Wanted

Posted by: admin at 9:06 am on November 16th, 2017


The individually licensed Panel Craft 216/218 and the TS-324 profiles allow each Superior Seam Team member the option to customize each of their standing seam roof systems with their various trim and/or lap detail designs. While BRS provides generally accepted and tested industry standard details for each licensee during the initial technology transfer, some licensees have modified these generic details to match their specific trim designs and/or market them under their own trade names selected to compliment their other through fastened roof panel profiles. This freedom under the SST by BRS license allows each standing seam roofing system to be unique to each licensee. However, this uniqueness does not allow BRS the opportunity to place into our client permanent files the latest trim design or end lap detail modifications from the originally supplied generic technology transfer.
In an effort to provide an even higher level of brand confidence on the Superior Seam Technology (SST) by BRS to each individual licensee, BRS is requesting all current design trim and panel end lap details from each Superior Seam Team member for our files for consistent technical support when called upon for comment and/or review.  This data exchange of design will allow BRS the ability to provide an additional level of service when contacted about a specific licensee detail with issues requiring a fresh outside examination and to assist in reviewing any disputed issue for comment or to participate in possible solution brainstorming.  Once these current specific client designs are received by BRS, they will allow each licensee permanent file to be individually updated with their most current design information. The updated information will allow BRS to serve as a secondary technical support library resource when additional expertise may be required.
All licensee information is considered privileged and falls under strict confidentiality secrecy. None of the updated design data received by BRS will be shared with anyone without strict written consent from the submitting Superior Seam Team member requesting BRS to share their data.
BRS is looking forward to building a stronger brand for greater growth success with all our Superior Seam Team members.  Please email all updates to our engineering group at