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Posted by: admin at 3:10 pm on April 29th, 2015

BRS saw a need concerning heat loss for both steel and metal buildings. Along with strict building codes and an increase for being energy efficient, BRS set out to establish a solution! Assembled systems change the stated insulation R value, therefore, the performance values need to be reconsidered. BRS researched Sealed “N” Safe and found the results they received from numerous hot box tests to be remarkable.

Sealed “N” Safe has developed a Thermal Spacer specifically designed to create a Thermal Break System between the outer shell and the inner frames of a metal building.  By installing a typical fiberglass Metal Building Insulation blanket in two layers with the SNS Thermal Spacer, a “Continuous Insulation System” is created. This system has been proven to increase energy performance by 50% or more. It is also easier to install and saves time and money compared to other methods.


Sealed “N” Safe products have undergone extensive testing by independent laboratories in accordance with AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) and ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) standards to verify and document the actual performance.

The basic system is erector friendly; it is installed as a typical roof with the top leading panel edge of the panel system. No netting or vapor barrier is required, and the system is both cost effective and easy to implement. The only consideration to make is the additional 1” standoff requiring longer clip screws, taller perimeter plates and attention to the trim details. 

This system can be used on standing seam roofs, screw down roofs and wall systems. To achieve an even higher R value Seal “N” Safe has a patented Full Cavity System and a Suspended Full Cavity System.

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