BRS :: Reflection of 2016
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Reflection of 2016

Posted by: admin at 9:00 am on January 18th, 2017

BRS would like to take this time to reflect back and share with you what we accomplished in 2016. Overall 2016 was a solid year for BRS. With an increasing economy, we made company history with the largest amount of clips sales in the month of June. We believe this is an indication that construction is on the rise, and we expect more to come. We also welcomed two new licensees to the group, Standard Structures and Spirco Manufacturing. Our hope is to continue this growth into 2017.

Throughout the year, BRS worked to assist our licensees in solving product and erection related issues by making numerous conference calls and field trips as necessary. While we try to resolve the majority of the issues over the phone, traveling to jobsites or manufacturers’ plants to assist in resolving problems is sometimes needed. These efforts are also directed to material manufacturers and roofing contractors requesting our support. This aids BRS in gaining valuable experience and insight in providing quality assistance. Staying current with industry trends and advances gives us invaluable insight to those we support. As an example, not long ago BRS provided support and vital input to one of our larger licensees in obtaining AC472 certification and later assisting them to establish an in-house quality control program.

This past year BRS worked with Metal Building Software Inc. to incorporate our roof data into their software, we traveled to MetalCon along with attending the MBS user group meeting. That opportunity was very informational and brought up some very insightful details to both BRS & MBS. While this project is still in the developing stage, we hope to make more progress and get both roof systems, TS-324 & PanelCraft, integrated to aid our licensees in their design work.

Product development is a valuable benefit we provide that sets BRS apart from our competitors. BRS remains dedicated to continuing to provide cutting edge product design and technical advances to our customers. We are continuously making improvements and new products to stay current and competitive in today’s market. This goes hand in hand with our goal of always staying aware of the latest manufacturing procedures and field erection methods.

For our R&D time, we focused on the new taller clip which allows for more insulation and can also be used on retrofit projects. By incorporating stiffening ribs and side shelves, the tall clip is able to withstand buckling better and is beneficial while walking on roofs and heavy snow loads. BRS also focused on the PC windclip, so the Panelcraft roof system can have the same capability as the TS roof system to use longer clips to achieve more capacity in high wind zones. This clip should be released in the early part of 2017.

BRS met with Stephen Shearer with LMK Building Designs this past year who is an independent consultant and building inspector that is extremely familiar with BRS roof systems. With his knowledge we believe Stephen will be valuable to not only BRS but all of our licensees, as he can provide training for field or in plant, 3rd party inspections, and be an expert witness, to name a few of his services. We look forward to working with Stephen in the future and for him to share his expertise with some of you.

BRS would like to thank you for your business and continued partnership. We are grateful to work with such a great group.  Happy New Year!