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Posted by: admin at 2:31 pm on February 11th, 2015

The performance of a roof system relies on the quality of your seam. BRS’s unique patented hook-on panel creates a seam that is stronger than other panels on the market. To take full advantage of this superior performance, you should require the use of a seamer that has been tested and verified.

seam roof.jpgBRS started working with Quality Roof Seamers (QRS) four years ago to re-design how a seamer seams panels. Typical seamers need to be adjusted and many times, specific seamer rolls or spacers are installed when panels run a bit out of tolerance, because the way the seamer rolls confine seam elements within seam radi. BRS was able to take their knowledge over the past fifteen years of the roof, real world manufacturing tolerances and field experience (seaming the TripleLok and QuadLok seams) to improve the way seamer rolls form the seam.

The results of this work by BRS and Quality Roof Seamers show that our seamers form the seam where the designed bend lines are held and the panel design is maintained. By pushing on the flat of the material and not the bend, the integrity of the seam shape is maintained as it was designed to be. QRS’s seamer allows for a wider range of tolerances on how it forms the seam to move the material. These seamers run faster and minimize damaged panels. 

In an effort to assure that the TripleLok and QuadLok seams are seamed as tested, BRS developed a Quality Assurance Program that is implemented by Quality Roof Seamers. Each seamer is tested on sample panels to confirm its seaming capability before it ships to your jobsite. Seamers are routinely sent to the BRS lab where BRS conducts a Quality Control Program; they are examined for excessive wear of the machine and its tools, then run on panels that are slightly off tolerance. There is continuous communication between BRS and Quality Roof Seamers so if there was ever a roof with a seaming issue, BRS can contact the licensee to resolve the problem.

Quality Roof Seamers is the only BRS approved seamer company at this time, as other company’s became available we will notify you at that time. Click here to download our info sheet on QRS Seamers.

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