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Quality Control Program

Posted by: admin at 9:11 am on March 6th, 2015

With the advent of the new IAS AC472 accreditation program, new quality control emphasis is being placed on panel systems. Quality control is an important factor to ensure that you are producing the best products and your roof is performing to its highest potential.

Building Research Systems, Inc. has been approached by licensees to develop a quality control program to help ensure the TS-324 and PanelCraft lines are putting out the best profile possible. Therefore, BRS has put together a comprehensive Quality Control tiered Program that gives our licensees flexibility to choose the tier that’s right for them.

Prior to embarking on a Q.C. program, the Licensee will need to provide BRS with some specific information.

  1. Provide tooling documentation from your roll forming manufacturer to include pass settings, over-bend locations, etc. Please contact your roll form manufacturer to ensure you have the latest, correct drawings.
  2. Contact information for assigned quality control personnel to include name, phone number and e-mail address.
  3. How often will you be wishing to conduct your Q.C. evaluation (monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, annually, etc.).

Each panel line will need to have a panel check gauge in place at the line location. If the licensee does not have a check gauge, BRS can provide one for $150.00 each for TS and $225 for Panelcraft (2nd generation panels). We will also include, with the check gauge, instructions for the gauge as, well as panel check gauge drawings to be included in your Q.C. manual.

BRS has developed a panel check gauge for both the TS -324 & PanelCraft panel lines. The gauge was first developed for use on the line to perform a quick check of the seam sensitive elements. The gauge is placed on various parts of the panel to ensure tolerances, which checks element lengths, radii and angles. The panel check gauge is a useful tool in a Quality Control Program.



BRS will be offering two levels of Q.C. measurement taking:

1. Hand tools (digital caliper, radius gauges, protractor, etc.): This is the quickest, most cost efficient method, but least accurate.

2. Optical comparator: This is the most accurate method, but is more labor and time intensive. The panel samples must be carefully cut and prepared to be placed in the optical comparator.

BRS will accept two different panel sample lengths (please include a 1’-0 long blank sample from the coil):

1. 3’-0± panel sample with the 3’-0 section coming from the center of a 10’-0 panel.

2. 10’-0 full panel sample with notches and punching.

The BRS Q.C. program will evaluate some or all of the following*:

1. Male side panel profile to include element lengths, angles and radii.

2. Female side panel profile to include element lengths, angles and radii.

3. Notches (proper size and location).

4. Factory punched hole location at each end (this will address tracking issues).

5. Sealant location and volume

6. Sealant start/stop verification.

*Number of items evaluated will depend on panel sample received.

Price Summary:


The BRS Q.C. program will provide the following:

• Comprehensive Report including (See Attached Sample Report):

- Date of report, including the date the panel was received.

- Data sheet with seam critical male and female element lengths, angles, and radii.

- Panel sample arrival pictures

- Panel sample pictures with Q.C. check gauge on panel sample.

- Any general notes/observations of the panel sample.

• Friendly reminder of upcoming Q.C. check based on established Q.C. schedule.

• Second follow up report following line modifications to address any out-of-specification issues

(second panel must be received in 15 business days).

The BRS Q.C. program excludes the following:

• Panel Finish Issues

• Oil Canning

• Ski, Dive, Twist, etc.

• Panel Coverage

• Crating & Packaging

• Seamer Management & Adjustments

To view a Sample Report click here.