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PanelCraft WindClip

Posted by: admin at 9:00 am on February 16th, 2017


BRS has developed 2 new windclips for the PanelCraft roof system  to achieve more capacity in high wind zones. Samples have been mailed out to our Licensees. If you did not receive a sample and would like one please contact BRS. Orders can be submitted through Logan Stampings. Please allow 4 weeks lead time for any initial orders.

wind clip New.jpg

Engineered for maximum efficiency in high wind zones

Install just like standard clips. No special installation instructions required

Allows for more capacity while using fewer clips,
possibly reducing the need for additional purlins/joists

Place zonally for uplift or expansion as required

All clips are fashioned from G-90 galvanized steel

Incorporated MPS 1203 and 1213 standard shelf to hold panel