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New ASTM E1592 Tests

Posted by: admin at 1:57 pm on June 5th, 2015

Building Research Systems, Inc. (BRS) has recently conducted two additional ASTM E1592 test series that are now available for purchase. The ASTM E1592 test is a method that confirms the structural performance of a sheet metal roof under uniform static air pressure difference. The panels are tested in a chamber that pumps air flow under the panels. A series of inflating and deflating the panels to resist wind uplift and back to static state are carried out until failure of the roof system takes place. These tests will update your load span tables with current values and assist you in receiving a product evaluation from the Texas Department of Insurance as well as product approval from Florida.

The first test series being offered is PanelCraft 218, 24 gauge panel with TripleLok and Quadlok seams using MC-1213 clips with two fastener holes.  See results in the tables below.

PC -triplelock.JPG


Other test series conducted were TS-324, 24 gauge panel and panels in both TripleLok and QuadLok seams using MPS 602 clips with a four hole base. BRS has not offered testing for QuadLok in a 22 gauge before. The results are shown below.

TS load span table.JPG


Jimmy Worley, with Ruffin Building Systems out of Oak Grove, LA was pleased with BRS’s willingness to complete the new tests. “We wanted Florida approval numbers and asked BRS to help,” Worley stated. “BRS recognized the need and quickly got the testing completed.” 

Richard G. Starks Jr. PE, BRS’s Product Development Manager added, “We like to look at ourselves as an extension of our Licensees product development group and are determined to keep our roof systems up to date.”

Both tests are valuable to all Licensees in order to keep testing current. Texas Department of Insurance requires testing to be submitted within the past ten years. Other entities may adopt this same requirement in the future. The PC test report can be purchased from BRS at a cost of $2,500 and the TS test reports are $5,000, due to the additional testing required. Contact BRS at with any questions or to receive your test report. 

BRS conducts research tests in their in house test chamber.

The video above illustrates the development testing conducted

for the PanelCraft Wind Clip (130psf@5’-0 spacing).