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Meeting Thermal Expectations Today: BRS Introduces Sealed N Safe®

Posted by: admin at 8:46 am on October 9th, 2018

Meeting Thermal Expectations Today: 
BRS Introduces Sealed N Safe®

Utilizing a reliable field and lab tested product called Sealed N Safe® (SNS), Building Research Systems (BRS) answers the challenge for single skin panel manufacturers associated with Green Design, ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2016 Thermal Bridging (thermal shorts) coupled with the ever increasing higher thermal design requirements for metal buildings. 


Whether the system is a thru fastened roof/wall or a Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) Standing Seam roofing system, this innovational 95% encased metal clad thermal spacer has an R-6 value that will meet the challenge. The thermal spacers carry the following ICC Standards ratings: Class A fire, Flame spread of 25 and a smoke index of less than 150 while being encased in 24-gauge metal cladding reducing flame exposure in case of fire (ICC does not allow exposed plastics and foam such as Styrofoam in the ceiling locations- see ICC Chapter 26).

The made in the USA SNS thermal spacer “The Performer” reduces or eliminates condensation and thermal transfer through the purlins/girts, which also allows for a tax incentive by meeting Energy Star requirements.  SNS thermal spacer meets AISI and ASTM standards for structural integrity of the building while increasing roof/wall R values and lowering U values 30% or greater depending on thickness and configuration of blanket insulation system being used.

The parts maybe used in single layer or multi-layer insulation applications for roof or walls. The thermal spacer allows multi-layer wall blanket insulation without the issues of panel distortion or “oil canning” as when thick single layer blanket insulation is used to meet R or U values. However, single layer blanket insulation systems will benefit greatly when SNS thermal spacers are used as a 4” face blanket insulation system standard R-13 (U value 0.184) becomes an R-26 (U value 0.129) when SNS parts are placed onto the purlin/girt during erection process. The performance even improves more with dual layer blanket insulation applications such as 3” faced combined with 3” unfaced –6” typically R-19 or U value of 0.151 energized to R-38 or U value of 0.076 for a 99% increase in thermal performance.

The spacers easily integrate with either the single and/or two layers of the roof and wall insulation along the leading edge of the panel which helps keep the installation effort to a minimum.  The erection friendly application with the ability to meet the ever-increasing thermal design criterion associated with Green Design, ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2016 Thermal Bridging makes SNS the perfect product to meet thermal expectations today.

Ready to serve your thermal design challenges as a SNS distributor, BRS has the ability to ship from stocked parts at our location or direct from the plant to anywhere in the United States or Canada. Contact the BRS office for your next thermal insulation challenge building design quote using SNS “The Performer” thermal spacers to enhance the overall system performance. We are committed to having any SNS thermal spacer estimate for your building estimating needs within 24-48 hours after receipt of the required building information needs. Depending upon complexity and all valid building design information initially received to create project specific thermal spacer bid.  Contact the BRS office at phone 405-607-8877, fax 405-607-2828 with your next thermal spacer design dilemma. Visit the BRS website ( for more information regarding SNS “The Performer” thermal spacers.