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Insulation Spacer Blocks

Posted by: admin at 10:14 am on December 4th, 2018

To accommodate the added requirements of thicker faced fiberglass blanket systems for single skin standing seam metal roofs, BRS has responded with the innovation and development of higher standoff clips to meet those demands. With the recent and ongoing changes in Green Design and the increasing demand requirements for improved thermal efficiencies, BRS has fielded numerous questions on multiple occasions in the past several months regarding the proper or correct insulation spacer block required for these thermal design efficiency changes.


The usage of insulation spacer blocks assist with damping roof rumble for under filled roof cavities or can limit certain types of panel distortion/ purlin telegraphing when over filled roof cavities are encountered. The BRS Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) team members were charged  to establish some working guidelines regarding height of clip, thickness of fiberglass blanket insulation combinations and the use of spacer blocks . The SST team members have developed a technical bulletin featuring an “At a Glance” chart regarding suitable insulation spacer block usage for various Stand-off height clips and insulation thicknesses for both standing seam panel profiles: TS324 and Panel Craft 216/218.
Please be aware these BRS guidelines are helpful but, the ultimate responsibility for the proper clip and insulation combination is the project roof designer. A good pre-construction practice is to contact the insulation manufacturer to verify blanket density and compressibility to assure the combination selected is feasible for assembly in the field. Note this chart was constructed with a compression rated 1/8” compressed faced fiberglass blanket insulation per 1” of non- compressed insulation.

Click here for the Insulation Spacer Block Tech Bulletin