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Posted by: admin at 9:28 am on January 8th, 2019

The staff and employees at Building Research Systems, Inc. (BRS) would first like to wish all our licensees, strategic partners and trade associates a very blessed and prosperous 2019 as we begin the new year.  BRS hopes to continue to build on the momentum established last year with the successful release of the new High Capacity rake plate featuring up to seven inches of expansion travel coupled with numerous license holders’ early adoption as their standard edge/corner details moving forward. The independent third-party testing of these parts resulted in exceeding the upcoming ASCE-7 corner/ edge zone codes for standing seam metal roofing requirements. These industry changing parts will provide the required direct fastened uplift structural strength needed for the upcoming MCA Structural Performance of Flashings Used with Metal Roof Systems test criteria. The large number of licensee participation in the third-party roof diaphragm testing, and the successful ARCAT digital website specification listing which is producing great results given the short time of existence involvement in the specification driven site for those select Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) license holders’ contributors.

 The SST as a central product branding vehicle has provided an enhanced more defined TS324 and Panel Craft 216/218 Standing Seam Roofing Systems singular name recognition awareness within the design and specification communities. The SST branding logo utilization serves as an identification differentiator to those licensees that have elected to exploit the moniker. The logo allows all license holders to set themselves above and apart from other competing roof systems based on the SST tested performance. The SST logo is available to any license holder that has not previously requested the camera-ready electronic copy and the accompanying guidelines for proper display usage.

New innovations of design in 2019 from BRS will further solidify our licensed roof systems remain the leaders in performance, longevity and weather-ability. BRS has recognized the need to provide a retrofit metal over metal market option to all license holders. This innovative product supply opportunity will be addressed through a soon to be published technical bulletin and accompanying manual.  The BRS new high capacity rake and eave plates coupled with our currently available TS324 Stand-off clips creates  an immediate opportunity to participate in this unique market niche’ for all licensees.  The technical portion will be followed up with an SST power point generic presentation specifically addressing TS324 usage over screw down metal over metal existing roofing projects.

The ARCAT listing opportunity for those current non-participating SST contributors is always available to join, but the annual listing fee cannot be prorated. The sites over 2.3 million annual visitors offer an excellent window of growth by being specified during the initial design phase of a project. Contact the BRS office for cost details about joining other ARCAT listing select contributors currently being considered by architects, owners and specification writers for 2019 future projects.  

This year BRS will be using the DNA of our SST to review and/or improve prior innovations to assure its licensees standing seam panel systems remain the industry leaders. BRS has developed a new forgiving patent pending mechanical seaming technology called “bend finesse” which makes the current “brute force capture” unforgiving seaming processes archaic.  BRS worked in conjunction with Quality Roof Seamers (QRS) - Olive Branch, MS to develop this revolutionary patent pending seaming “bend finesse” methodology.  QRS remains the only BRS fully compliant seamer rental company meeting our entire extensive in-house lab testing compliance protocols. QRS submitted to multiple BRS inspections of their facility and machines by our personnel through the year assuring full conformity for field seam folding specification practices to guarantee panel seam test design compliance.

The BRS fee based Quality Control Program continues to gain popularity among licensee holders to assure their lines continue manufacturing products per the original design /tested specifications.  This is a licensee proactive avenue to reduce costly related production errors while virtually eliminating jobsite problems due to out of spec panels received in the field. This fee-based program is offered to all license holders on a monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis.

The educational opportunities for staff, erector certification and training purposes remain available through the fully vetted BRS approved instructor Stephen Shearer, PE with LMK Building Designs. His contact information is noted in the previous September 2017 BRS website blog. This educational process can be completed on jobsites if required. Educated erectors provide the best advertising for licensee SST standing seam roof systems once they experienced the proper installation practices for weather-tight performance and longevity.

Our expertise, knowledge and product support are component benefits of being a BRS licensee. We are committed to all license holders to provide the highest quality ongoing technical, innovational, sales, marketing support from all our experienced SST team members to further enhance their business successes this coming year. BRS is currently busy working on several other industry changing innovations to keep our license holders ahead of their competition in 2019 and beyond. These innovations will only be launched after being properly vetted and tested to our SST benchmark standards.  We appreciate all our license holders and are dedicated to each SST team member’s success.

BRS is excited to share another New Year of successful industry leading standing seam adventures with all our license holders.