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BRS Services Included With Your License

Posted by: admin at 9:00 am on October 6th, 2015

BRS takes pride in the ongoing support provided to our Licensees, we believe this benefit sets us apart from our competitors. Not only are you receiving technology for the best performing roof system on the market, you are also receiving continual support in testing, product development and applications. We would like to think that when you license a BRS product, you increase your manpower without increasing your overhead. BRS is an extension of your company, think of us as a partner!

Radial.pngBRS offers many additional services after the initial startup of a license. Most of these services are at no extra cost or very little cost compared to outsourcing and consulting fees.


test1.jpg     test2.jpg

ASTM Testing of TS-324 at Encon Technologies in Tulsa, OK.         ASTM Testing of PanelCraft at Force Engineering in Houston, TX.

BRS has gained extensive knowledge over the years assisting our clients with certifications, product development, technical problems, seaming issues and much more. It would be beneficial to consult with BRS before any licensee begins new testing, starts new projects or explores solutions to other issues you might come across. Who better to get advice from than the developer of the products that now service over 30 licensees?

Feel free to contact us with any issues. We would be glad to help and most likely we may already have a solution to your problem. There is no need for you to invest your time or money for something that is included in the cost of your license.