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BRS Offers SALE on Sealed "N" Safe

Posted by: admin at 9:08 am on March 14th, 2016

As a distributor of Sealed “N” Safe BRS is offering a sale price on the 5" "The Performer" thermal blocks, in stock (supplies are limited). These are blocks that are no longer in production from the manufacturer changing their product offering.  With this discount you receive a larger block for a lower price than than the current 3 1/2" size. Published performance does not change between the 3 1/2" and 5" blocks.

"The Perfomer" comes in 2 1/2" and 3 1/2" widths. BRS carries inventory and can easily quote any job that you may have, large or small. Contact BRS today at, for more information. Click Here to view a Cost & Performance Analysis

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Sealed “N” Safe products have undergone extensive testing by independent laboratories in accordance with AISI (American Iron and Steel Institute) and ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) standards to verify and document the actual performance. Click Here to view U-Value Chart