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BRS New Products

Posted by: admin at 2:25 pm on November 17th, 2014

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The value of the BRS license system provides endless returns for each of our licensees. Our Product Development team reacts to the market and feedback from our licensees to create new products that improve and enhance your roof system.

The next generation Back-up Plate, BP2-324, was completely redesigned with tighter tolerances and wings. This back-up plate does not rely on the purlin for support. The engineered pre-punched recessed holes are important to this redesign, minimizing strip outs and increasing clamping force. The BP2-324 is also easier to install and is available in different versions to place over rigid board.

BRS has also designed a groundbreaking ModuleClmp™ and Alignment bar, which will ensure that the panel and clips are installed properly on module. The clamp locks the panel corrugation into the design dimension, while the bar holds the clip and panel leading edge on module until clip fasteners are installed. You can also use the ModuleClmp™ while seaming a roof that has been installed out of module.

Our Product Development team tries to be budget conscience. The newly designed and patented Sealantless Clips, MPS 604 & 605, allow for savings of two cents per clip. These clips create a sealant channel, which allows the sealant from the panel to flow between the strategically designed and placed holes bridging together and creating a continuous bead of sealant. This clip maintains the same performance as the current clip and provides a better seal.

Another money saving clip we have designed is our WindClip™, BA 602 & 603. These clips are used in high wind zones and reduce the need to add purlins, clips or seam clamps. The WindClip™ series comes in three different lengths; 8”, 12” and 16”. No special installation is required, they install just like the standard clips, just more cost efficient. An additional benefit is they provide more expansion/contraction slide for long runs.

If you have questions about any of these products or would like samples, please contact us at (405) 607-8877. Orders can also be placed for these products with Logan Stampings.