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BRS Licensees Experience Success with new ARCAT SST Listing

Posted by: admin at 1:01 pm on August 21st, 2018


Congratulations to the participating Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) licensees in the recent successful launch of the ARCAT (architectural web based digital library) site listing. These participants are individually listed on the site as manufacturers and are exposed to over 2.3 million worldwide site visitors annually. These site visitors are typically owners, architects, specification writers and engineers seeking the highest performing standing seam roofing systems available for their project build. This worldwide informational product specification site allows the opportunity for new market exposure and growth possibilities to the participating license holders identified under the generic (SST) brand listing.

Each ARCAT listed licensee contributor will receive monthly third party analytical data from the site hits which will be passed along to them by BRS. In the first day, the (SST) site listing experienced twenty-one hits and thirteen downloads of the guide specifications. According to internal ARCAT research, each product specification download results in being part of project requirement documents approximately 80% of the time with a final field installation product usage rate of 60% in lieu approved and/or equal substitution requests. The (SST) brand ARCAT listing is mentioned in sections 05 Metals, 07 Thermal and Moisture Protection and 13 Special Construction for spec writers to discover the leading performance, longevity and weather-ability of the SST roof systems. The SST site listing can be accessed through numerous, specifically established keyword searches with new words added as required for increased site hits. Currently, any visitor will be able to build their project CSI guide specification documentation in either US or Canadian formats. The site has downloadable CAD details or PDF files to assist spec writers and designers in developing their projects. The Building Information Modeling (BIM) portion of the listing is being developed due to the large amount of internal design and functionality requirements which will be introduced over the next couple of months.

The flexibility of the ARCAT site listing allows for any required additions or modifications to be done within 48-72 hours after the release of the change. BRS has created an ARCAT Manufacturers Listing link on our website along with a brief description of (SST) for any owners, architects, engineers or specification writers seeking additional understanding of this industry leading technology. Any non-participant license holder that desires to become a part of the (SST) worldwide ARCAT site listing still has the opportunity to become listed. Please contact BRS at 405-607-8877 for the listing details.