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BRS Elevates Brand Awareness

Posted by: admin at 9:01 am on April 3rd, 2018


To separate our standing seam roofing systems brand from other competitors within the industry, Building Research Systems, Inc. (BRS) trademarks our key ingredient for our overwhelming products success in performance, longevity and weather-ability. Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) is the building block element of the BRS internal DNA which has been a major component in all our developments from the initial industry changing patented panel profile designs to the patented joinery of RollLok®, TripleLok® and QuadLok® as well as the patented multiple clip offerings. The BRS Research and Development groups all utilize this element as the most important aspect of our standing seam roofing systems.

All licensees should be very proud to proclaim the SST internal DNA component as a cornerstone ingredient of their BRS licensed standing seam roofing system products. Licensees are encouraged to utilize the new SST trademarked logo for marketing opportunities including their packaging, website and product literature. This trademark logo denotes a brand differentiator from competitors which makes each licensee manufactured products better than those they compete against in their markets. This unique trade mark branding will allow specification continuity between licensees due to the advantages of SST common to all those who know the superiority of the BRS roofing systems they have licensed.

The ongoing evolution and improvement of the industry’s highest performing standing seam roofing systems using SST continues as reflected in the recently released patented High Capacity Rake plate design.  These innovative parts were engineered in part due to the upcoming more stringent ASCE 7 edge/corner zone uplift performance requirements for all standing seam systems and the MCA/MBMA inspired edge metal testing protocol being developed. The new part design allows for up to 7” expansion when used in conjunction with the BRS wind clips to meet ever increasing wider width building designs. The stronger uplift capacity coupled with the BRS wind clips allows longer panel runs which eliminate the need for expensive rafter step downs making the licensee more competitive on wider span projects.

Please contact the BRS office to request a camera ready Superior Seam Technology™ logo to be emailed for your marketing, sales and packaging promotional opportunities.