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BRS Develops SST Education Installer Training Program

Posted by: admin at 8:46 am on September 21st, 2017

The Superior Seam Technology (SST) by BRS has designed, developed, tested then deployed the two best performing metal standing seam roofing systems (Panel Craft 216/218 and TS324) available within the industry todayThe key to this superior standing seam roofing system is that it needs to be assembled in the field by properly trained individuals, or the industry’s leading performance; longevity and weather-ability could be negatively compromised. Many Licensees have requested a solution or an option to assure the contractor and end user of a properly installed SST roof system. BRS has listened and would like to offer the following option as a means to educate contractors, sub-contractors, erectors and licensee's personnel on the proper installation techniques through an instructional three (3) day training program.


For the important task of trainer/educator, BRS has reached out to Stephen J Shearer, PE with LMK Building Designs, Inc.  out of Arlington, Tennessee to develop an SST education installer training program. With over thirty (30) plus years within the metal building and metal roofing communities, Stephen is one of the most respected leading trainers, educators and practical real-world project inspectors. This training program will allow Licensees to set up their own individual approved /certified installers erection schools within their geographical service areas.  A $2,500.00 flat fee for this service has been established for three (3) days of educational/instructional time (first day set-up, second day classroom and third day in-facility mock-up for hands on application). This flat rate teaching fee does not include any expenses. The additional expenses are, but not limited to, airfare, car rental, meals and hotel stays. These expenses will be added to the flat rate fee after the instructional school has been completed. Every individual licensee will set their class fee rate for their attendees. Currently, the typical industry cost for attendance is $275.00 per person per class with a sliding fee scale for multiple sponsored attendees beginning at the third sponsored participant at a rate reduced fee of $225.00 per person. Typically, the licensee will contribute teaching materials (i.e. Technical installation manuals, pens, note pads, etc), the cost of light breakfast items including coffee and then cover the cost of box lunch items along with appropriate cold drinks. This will allow all attendees to remain at the teaching location for minimum disruption and safety for the ones seeking licensee approval/certification.

About Stephen Shearer, PE
Stephen Shearer began his career as a design engineer with Varco-Pruden in 1981 followed by several years spent with numerous metal building companies learning the intricacies of metal buildings and metal roofing. In January 2000 he started LMK Building Designs, Inc as a way to provide numerous creative cost effective professional services to his clients.  Ranging from pre-engineered metal building, components, roofing, engineering and consulting needs including forensic analysis for weather (snow, ice, rain, straight line winds, and tornadoes) including fire damage. Currently, he is a registered engineer in Tennessee, Mississippi, and Arkansas. Stephen does onsite training for standing seam roof installation and offers third party independent inspections. His unique experience has allowed him to develop specific training educational techniques to engage all attendees while providing a solid foundation for properly installing Superior Seam Technology BRS roof systems.

To arrange or schedule your next training or your first educational SST roofing system school for your staff, clients or installers, please contact Stephen Shearer direct.

Contact information: 
LMK Building Designs, Inc
5432 Scarlet Ridge Dr
Arlington, TN 38002