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Acoustics in Metal Buildings

Posted by: admin at 8:30 am on August 25th, 2015

Controlling sound in a metal building is often thought of as problematic, but there are several things you can do to control this issue. When a licensee calls in with an issue about acoustics in one of their metal buildings we often refer them to this website.

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Joseph De Buglio specializes in church acoustics, having served over 1000 churches; his website has some great information when facing sound issues in any building.

An interesting topic that was brought up when visiting with Joseph, was that the cardboard tubes, referred to as diffusers or Fire Rated Sono Tubes,  are the most economic solution to existing buildings or rooms. The diffusers are starting to be used in manufacturing plants to eliminate or reduce the need for hearing protection..  As an example, the diffusers have been used in a Canadian restaurant bathroom to minimize the sound of noisy hand blowers. 

Below is an article that you mind fine helpful:
New Church Building Design


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Metal roof noise is not a design or installation flaw. Roof noise is and has been common in standing seam and screw down roofs from the beginning of their existence. It is common knowledge that metal roof systems will transmit noise through the roof panel into the interior of any building on which they are installed, unless provisions are made in the building design to dampen the roof noise with underlayment and/or acoustical elements. The noise transmitted is from three main sources:

1.  Weather (wind rain and hail)
2.  Roof movement (expansion and contraction)
3.  Environment noise (airplanes and traffic)

It has been our experience that successful church structures with metal roof systems have the roof placed over a solid deck with rigid insulation board installed between the roof panels and the deck. Some type of sound barrier must be provided between the roof and the occupants inside the structure to minimize the inherent roof noise.

This article is strictly informational. Our objective is to inform you of current issues that has been brought to our attention and hopefully enlighten you on different subject matters. If there is a topic that you would like BRS to research and write about please contact us.

To contact Joseph De Buglio:, 722 Peel St. Delhi, Ontario Canada N4B 2HI, 519-582-4443.