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— Oct 9, 2018

Meeting Thermal Expectations Today: BRS Introduces Sealed N Safe®

Utilizing a reliable field and lab tested product called Sealed N Safe® (SNS), Building Research Systems (BRS) answers the…

— Aug 21, 2018

BRS Licensees Experience Success with new ARCAT SST Listing

Congratulations to the participating Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) licensees in the recent successful launch of the ARCAT…

— Jul 17, 2018

SST Advantages

Superior Seam Technology Advantages

— Apr 3, 2018

BRS Elevates Brand Awareness

Trademarking of Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) by BRS Elevates Brand Awareness

— Mar 20, 2018

High Capacity Rake & Eave Plate Tech Bulletins

The BRS Research and Development Group continues to lead the standing seam roofing system industry with timely and innovative…

— Mar 7, 2018

SST Education Installer Training Experience

In September 2017, BRS announced the creation of a fee based Superior Seam Technology™ (SST) training program that is available…

— Jan 18, 2018

Designing Tomorrow's Innovations Today

— Nov 16, 2017

SST by BRS Trim Design Updates Wanted

— Sep 21, 2017

BRS Develops SST Education Installer Training Program

— Aug 16, 2017

BRS CEO and Founder Set to Retire

Leo Nyer set to retire