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BRS is a product development company with extensive knowledge of the metal building industry, specializing in development of roof and wall systems. BRS was started in 1994 by Leo Neyer who at that time had over 30 years of experience in Metal Building, Business developing and selling metal building systems. Neyer worked for Butler Manufacturing Co, Stran Buildings, Star Manufacturing and Encon Consultants.

The first product BRS developed was the standing seam pan panel PanelCraft roof system, incorporating the BRS patented proprietary TripleLok® and QuadLok® seams. This seam technology including patented clips, outperformed existing metal roof systems in the industry and is still the best wind and water infiltration roof system in the market. Shortly after the development of the PanelCraft roof system, BRS developed the TS-324 roof system, a 24 inch wide trapezoidal roof system utilizing the TripleLok® and QuadLok® seams.