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BRS A Product Development Company  

BRS saw a need to focus their developmental efforts on roofing products to replace outdated existing metal products with 21st century technology. The new technology met the latest structural and functional demands of the 21st century including:

  • Wind zone loads.
  •  Uplift testing requirements.
  •  New building codes, increasing the roof performance under wind and water.
  •  Improved installation efficiencies.
  •  Larger roofs with longer panel run requiring greater clip movement.

BRS product development resulted in the design of two unique standing seams, TripleLok® and QuadLok®, which outperform the existing Double Lock standing seams that were developed in the 1970’s and early 80’s.

These seams will become the industry standard that all other systems will be judged by. The TripleLok® and QuadLok® seams have been incorporated in the two roof systems BRS has introduced to the metal roofing market through licenses to manufacturers. They are also incorporated in the BRS PanelCraft™ 16” and 18” wide pan panel and the BRS TS324™ trapezoidal 24” wide panel.